China Uemura Surfing Foundation

    The Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame was established in 2010 to pay tribute to the amazing achievements of Hawaii's extraordinary watermen and waterwomen, and create a record of remembrance for future generations to emulate.  The Hall of Fame inductees include legends such as Duke Kahanamoku and Eddie Aikau.
    In 2014, China Uemura was inducted into the Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame.  The following is from the honoree program:

    "If anyone should be considered an "uncle" to Hawaii's surfing community, it's China Uemura.
    A skilled longboarder, China has won numerous surfing championships in local, national, and international meets,  And if you want to learn, he's always a willing teacher.
    China's greatest surfing achievement, however, has come on shore through the countless lives he has touched in Hawaii with his boundless spirit of goodwill and charitable work.
    How many surfers have organized more than 100 fundraising events to support Hawaii nonprofits and the kamaaina who benefit?
    China Uemura has.
    His Wahine Surfing Classic, now on its 18th year, and his Longboard Surfing Classic, which just completed its 29th year, are annual surfing celebrations.
    More importantly, these events raise funds and awareness to support important community causes, like specialized keiki medical care, sex abuse treatment, and special education programs.
    Life can be stressful for victims and the less fortunate.  Among Hawaii's watermen, they can always count on having a comforting shoulder to lean on in their Uncle China."

Waterman Award